Tuesday, January 23, 2007


Like the dolz i am. I totally screwed up the dates of my swimming classes and therefore yours truly here had to stay the weekend in Malaysia.


It wasn't such a bad thing cos the Love came by!

Oh yes.

Everything is a-okay with the both of us.

I must admit that i still am a newbie at handling fights between us both.

But i am weathering it well alhamdullillah.

Every fight brings us closer, makes me know him better.


Okay, so where do i start?

Lets see.

The photos that we took during the photo taking session for ASSIIUM was marvellous.

I truly love looking at the photos again and again.

Somehow i tak jelak.

Last friday i had to pick up the informal photo and since ALL my classes were cancelled i really had to drag myself outta bed despite being really sick.

On my way there, i took a nasty tumble.

While Huda fell backwards, I on the otherhand, fell forwards and scraped a good portion of skin on my left knuckle.

Thankfully i was in jeans and my knees escaped the wrath.

So how was the weekend?


Not so blissfull when you hear this mom to a 2 year old keep calling me "aunty".

Yes, it wasn't JUST the bf but his friend and wife and kid in tow.

Do i really have to be called "aunty"?

This is what you get when you have a bf much, much older than you and 75% of his friends are married with kids.

And this little tot, whose name is a mouthful: Hur Kirana something

And all this little princess keeps being called is Ira.


My maternal instincts have heightened considerably let me confess.

She is such a doll!

Fair skin and wavy brown hair.

She is such a princess.

The four of us (plus little Ira) went to KLCC's A&W for lunch on Sunday and then to Berjaya Times Square for a little stroll afterwards.

Apparently the Love really enjoyed pushing the pram.

I was tickled. Really.

8pm, we made our way to Petaling Street (of course!) And two hours later, me and him emerged empty handed while they only came back with t-shirts.

10pm and after 10 solid hours of jalan-jalan with hardly any break in between, we sat down for dinner.

We were ALL famished, not to mention Ira as well.

She was going through her McNuggets at warp speed and proceeded to scarf down her mee goreng afterward.


We made it back to JB by car courtesy of Yan and family. Thank you!

The ride was truly enjoyable.

With driving breaks and switching drivers, the music was not bad either.

-Thank God for Fly.fm-

No we didn't stop there.

A maghrib pit-stop at the bf's JB crib and then off we went again for Yan's much needed car wash and dinner.

Somehow i still love the ayam penyet at Changi.

The one i had in JB was good. Especially the chicken.

But the rice was not in equal proportion with the chicken.

The sambal had too much belachan unfortunately and not enough chilli.

I'll have to try the one at Geylang again to make a verdict.

Anyway, i made my way safely home yesterday and i will be here till this sunday.

Plans for dinner this thursday will be confirmed soon and i can't wait to meet the babes!

Its been awhile since we got together.

So did i walk away with anything from KL?

A pair of jeans from Chow Kit and a new wallet from Petaling St.

Thank you Sayang!