Wednesday, January 03, 2007

I Need...Zzzzzzzzz

I'm back in KL doing my favourite disappearing act.

Thank you.

but no applause please.

I am truly sleepy.

woke up for my 9am class at 8am after getting back at 5.45am.

and you won't believe it.

the lecturer didn't turn up!

and then, when i came for my academic writing class, there was something wrong with the LCD projector so guess what...

the class got cancelled due to technical difficulties.

i was pissed but at the same time really sleepy.

so i opted for sleep and so i headed back to my room for some shut eye.

honestly speaking though, that wasn't enough.

i still have readings to plough through tonight for tomorrow's quiz.


By the way darlings i will be back this weekend.

I am not missing the "teaching as a career:seminar" this time.

and i've already registered too.

so nothing's gonna stop me this time.

i have like a gajillion questions on my mind already.

Lets hope i have an uneventful friday.