Monday, January 08, 2007

Outplayed & Outwitted.

The bus drivers that have been entrusted to send us back to our hostels have been getting craftier and craftier and are becoming the bane of my existence.

In short:


I never seem to run out of memorable Monday mornings and bus rides.

Sad to say that all that will end in 5 months.


This morning, we were surprised that the bus driver even knew how to get to our campus without being directed.

In that instance i knew something fishy was going to happen.

Since the bus' full capacity included outsiders, meaning people who aren't students of our university, we were trapped.

The bus driver cunningly made a turn at the roundabout and deposited us at near the main entrance to the uni.

I have to remind you that the campus is circular in nature. So surrounding it are the hostels.

Normally we get the bus drivers to send us to the entrance of each hostel.

Today i had to get off near the entrance and my hostel is located on the top of a hill and is located an estimated 2km from where we were deposited.

And best of all, in my haste to leave the bus, i left the cake that i had lovingly baked earlier that Sunday morning to bring back for my friends on campus.

I felt really shitty.

Thankfully Nurul Khasanah bt Agost kindly let me stay at her room that morning for a couple of hours.

I didn't know what happened to the rest. But im sure they all made their way back one way or another.

I am determined to stay positive throughout the rest of this post.

I shall prevail.

I even woke up to go to my 9am class.

However, i wasn't able to take a shower cos i didnt have any change of clothes.

So i brushed my teeth.

Put on some deodorant and spritzed away.

I could actually pay attention in class.

Its all about the 90-10 reaction.

I think that was the best forwarded email i had ever gotten.

Meanwhile the weekend was a blast.

Spent a few hours with the love on saturday after the seminar and the rest of the evening with huda and her hubby.

She really meant it when she said that she'd let me see it all.

I actually accompanied her to get her electrical appliances for her new house at harvey norman.

I asked her why i was even there when she had her husband to accompany her.

Her reply: You're going to get to see it all.


This is very amusing.

However, there won't be babies this month.

How about next month!?

Actually i can't wait to play Godmother.