Monday, November 02, 2009

No makeup update/review YET!

Still haven't gotten around to trying the Liz Arden set that I purchased.

Maybe tomorrow when i go on my last date with Ayie before he flies off to Thailand for his reservist stint for THREE weeks.

Which means i'll be Ayie-less and Samirian-less for the next 3 weeks.


Received some really surprising/shocking news this morning.

Pretty sad but not till it warrants me to get upset.

But still...i want you to be happy.

You know i'll love you still right?

So now, i'm having a big dilemma over what to wear tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



The Makeup Junkie

p/s: i'm still mad at a certain individual who HAS been (and STILL is!) totally selfish for the past 5 months. Disregarding whatever any authoritative figure has to say.
I'll shut up but it won't be for long.
I've had it with you. The universe DOES NOT revolve around you, you little twit.

You have lost all self-respect from me.
You don't even deserve pity.