Thursday, April 12, 2007

Please help me!

Unbeknownst to some people. i am actually tucked away safe and sound at home.

Till the next week at least.

I have 7 days till the release of my results.

Oh god.

I am starting to feel all the butterflies in the tummy.

Anyway, i just wanted to see what was happening on the blogosphere.

On the contrary, having the wireless at home really has made me very lazy liao.

Cos its very leceh/ troublesome to have to pack and unpack the laptop.

So i just wait until the pc is free.

The birthday was bleargh

It doesn't get better as you get older.

The best things to happen was the surprise dinner party my roomies had for me.

Nice and tasty tomyam to go with my nasi goreng yongchow.


And then it was the movie date i had with my fellow Arian, Kho (aka my lesb partner) as she so affectionately put it. Harhar.

Thanks dear for that gorgeous and notty looking flower hehehehe.

I hope you enjoyed the chocolate cake!

All in all, i enjoyed the movie.

We caught The Namesake, a Jhumpa Lahiri book that both of us read.

It was made into a movie by Mira Nair.

I enjoyed her Monsoon Wedding but i wasn't particularly impressed with her take on Namesake.

Well, partly because i felt that the focus was shifted from Gogol to Ashima Ashok.

So i guess it just took the whole feel of the namesake away.

Well that is my personal opinion.

But i did enjoy Tabu's acting.

She's a real gem.

And Kal Penn, well, i feel that his role as Kumar in Harold and Kumar go to White Castle really immortalised Penn's character. So his take on Gogol didn't really envelop me.

Again, my personal opinion.

Maybe the whole problem is because i already read the book.

So there was a certain expectation that i needed from it.

Besides the movie, i have pretty much been at home and reading and cooking and watching tv and looking after the brother at home.

I went to Jurong East's library. I remember sneaking a peek at the Narayan range there and i felt that it deserved another look.

So this time, i picked up one chick flick and 3 Narayan titles.

The Guide rocked my socks so im hoping that the other books do the same for me too.

So, there's one more week till i get the results.

Oh darn.

Just one more week.

Then its less than 2 months that i'll be graduating!