Thursday, November 16, 2006


Yes lahhhh...exams are over!

And yes, its a 2 week hiatus from ingesting food from polystrene boxes.

*phew* what a relief!

I've missed home.

What better way to come home and have your little brother salam you and give you a hug!

I missed that monster.

Oh yes, of course i missed that OTHER monster.

My other-tembam half!

What better way but to pinch his cheeks! Hohohoho...

Yeah, so the first half of the exam was not so bad.

I was pretty sure i could answer most of the questions.

And then, i had to sit for the really, really, really hard Usul Fiqh paper.

Are you kidding?

The MCQs and true & false questions were the ones that stumped me.

And then there were the essay questions.

4 questions answer any 3.

I answered the one about the definitions on usul fiqh, the literal and the technical definitions as well as the hukm al-shar'i and the different branches of wajib.

Betcha didn't know there were many sub-divisions of wajib did you?

And after that, i really got stumped.

There were 2 more essay questions:

i) Maslahah mursalah

ii) Istishab

memanglah byk sgt MASALAH dengan dua soalan ni

After i exited the exam hall, there was a sigh of ultimate relief.

I barely answered the last essay question. No point in GORENG-ing something which you have barely any clue about.

So yeah....i was about to collapse in complete hysterics if not for Kho.

And then we giggled all the way back to her room.

What's done is done and cannot be undone.

So now i'll be crossing toes, legs, fingers, eyes and what ever else i can cross for the results.