Wednesday, November 29, 2006

I passed!

I got one A.

Alhamdullillah. I think that was the most critical paper i had to sit for and i proved that i have a critical eye.

Thank you Dr. Faridah! Lup u many-many!

Comp. App. okay lah. I guess i deserved the grade. But i feel i should have gotten the A.

Plus i had that non-sleeping episode for that paper.

And it was the only time that i didn't sleep properly.

See how anxious i was for the paper?

Sociolinguistics was great.

I want to thank Ruwaida for the brilliant work she did with the e-portfolio. I think that's what gave me the grade.

Although i was kinda upset with the grade i got for American Lit.

Okay i guess i was deserving of that B+ I slacked off a little on that paper.

Now what shall i ask of daddy and mummy?

I have worked hard haven't i?

So some monetary reward should do nicely...

Plus i desperately need a pair of new black pants and a few new tops.

A pair of cute shoes wouldn't hurt either.


Did i mention that i passed my Usul Fiqh also?

Dr. Sandra is one kind soul. She saved my ass. Literally.

So i have to continually work hard to improve that CGPA.

I saw an improvement.

An improvement of 0.063

That's how menial and meagre the increment has been.

Another semester to slave and slog my ass through.

Its been fun. And im going to miss it.

Especially the pasar malam Wednesdays and the Haji Tapah tom yam.

This entry is dedicated to my seniors Kak An and Kak Y.