Sunday, November 26, 2006

Page Cannot Be Opened.

Okay, i've been trying and trying for almost an hour.

And the page refuses to load.

What page?

Aiyah the dreaded results page lah what else.

*her {the 22 + 2.2-ed one} says:
dun kancheong la

Kancheong Queen, I am.

Ask anyone from secondary school and jc, they will tell you its true.

I am so Kancheong, it gave me the title 'Mother Hen' in JC.

Yeah lah, how not to.

Being class rep. to a bunch of pple who were rowdy and refused any form of authority made me into that 'Mother Hen'.

Back to the kancheong-ness.

I mean, how NOT to be kancheong you tell me.

This exam determines whether i'll go up to 4th year and this will determine everything.

God-willing, it will turn out the way its supposed to.

Oh and by the way, Congrats to a Mdm Sarah Sharmini Rajan-(hubby's name i do not know).

Sorry i couldn't make it to your wedding.

Raincheck yeah?