Wednesday, March 18, 2009


In my efforts to become fitter this year (and hopefully more toned)

I have embarked on some fitness classes.

And as you can see from the title, i have begun kickboxing classes!

Very cheap and well worth your money i tell you.

Just go to your nearest CC.

Even someone who used to go to A*more was saying that the class was comparable to the ones that she used to do.

The woman who conducted the class was so uber fit lah!

She's so friggin' toned.

And i almost gave up halfway thru the class.

I was dying of exhaustion and literally sweating buckets lah.

But it was really good.

Especially when you're doing ur punching movements.

I felt like a real fighter....NOT!

The most i could do was to pretend that i was punching some filthy conniving ex-boyfriend of mine.

And hey, it worked!


That was only the first class.

And thank you D*arwina for suggesting this brilliant idea and im so thankful i have an exercise buddy like u.

C u in class tomorrow lah.

Good night pple....i still have to slave over this dumb LIT essay.