Monday, March 26, 2007


I know i said i would be away for some time but i just couldn't resist this very strong urge.

Especially when one has been sleep deprived for like 3 nights.

And mind you, i'm having sleepless nights during examination not by choice.

I'm definitely not the type to keep late nights and burning the midnite oil but unfortunately since i got to UIA, my body has reacted to examinations in this kooky manner.

I've only started to see the doctor as of last sem to get rid of the insomnia.

Trust me, you wouldn't want to see me.

I look worse than a wreck.

Lets see now

Xanax: noun
an antianxiety agent (trade name Xanax) of the benzodiazepine class.

Anxiety. Geez...

I wonder why i never ever felt anxious when i had to sit for the O's and A's.

I am so looking forward to get some shut eye tonight!

Bedtime will be at 10.30pm

That's the earliest i've been to bed.

Oh well, anything to keep me from falling asleep at my examination desk.