Thursday, August 03, 2006


6 Years Ago (2000)

She feverishly studied for her O Levels everyday till October. Staying back in school for extra classes. History, literature, maths, physics. You name it.

Ten year series was very popular back then. One for every subject. Sometimes two.

Books dominated the little space on the naked table.

She would take off for Burger King with her other mates if school proved to be a pain that day.

Nothing could perk her up better than a Whopper.

White, green and grey amidst the other hues could be found in that eating establishment everyday. Some could be found up till closing time sometimes.

The O Levels came and went, results were collected and she wasn't disappointed. (Or so she thought)

5 Years Ago (2001)

A new chapter. Trying to forget the past. New surroundings. New friends. But she still stuck with the familiar.

Some left for the polytechnic, others opted to go to junior colleges and there was the minority that immediately went into the job market.

Demanding subjects, tutors that proved to be a pain in the neck for her.

She vaguely remembers the number of times that she was actually present in class.

2 years passed and she found herself sitting in the examination hall for the A Levels.


Well, that was another story altogether.

3 Years Ago (2003)

She found herself employed in the remotest part of the island. Ratio of men to women, 1:8.

Luckily, transportation was provided.

6 months came and went and no replies came.

Devastation engulfed her.

Not to mention her private life was in tatters.

Naive and trusting. The two characters in her life that would dominate her life for the next year or so.

Throwing herself into work didn't prove to be helpful. She was filled with void and would drown herself in the many hurtful memories.

A little sadistic maybe?

You be the judge.

2 Years Ago (2004)

Renewed hope. School was where she felt she really belonged. I imagine that she only thrived.

Although there was one craving that she could not feed.

Allah tests his subjects in many ways.

Ups and downs. Celebrations, examinations engulfed her.

It was the best and worst times of her life.

She still searched for solace. And sometimes in the most worrying manner.

Why she did so, I can't imagine.

One Year Ago (2005)

It proved to be her most trying times. Trying to strive for her goals and making the best of circumstances.

But i think she must have thought that she wasn't putting in her best effort.

Everyone feels that way don't they?

She often wondered why she put herself there. It was questionable to everyone. Even to her parents even if they didn't say it explicitly.

Soon, she realized that she was remaining true to herself. It was her only ounce of respect left in her soul.

July 2006

6 years elapsed and she saw herself grow up.

Naivety and trust were thrown away.

The sands of time proved that she was getting mature.

Lets hope so.

Cos everyone loves a happy ending don't they?