Sunday, August 06, 2006

1.Do the following without complaint
2.Choose 6 bloggers to do this upon completion
3.Leave a tag on the 6 tagboards to announce she has been tagged.
4.Start your entry with "I've been tagged!" then do the following.



colour: Brown, Gold, Silver, Black, Red
food: Anything Mediterranean & Mom + Grandma's cooking
song: RnB, Soul, Hip-Hop, Rock Ballads
movie: Braveheart
sport: Floorball & Futsal
season: Summer
ice cream flavour: Rasperry Ripple


mood: bored + tired
taste: craving something sweet
clothes: Baju kurung from the wedding I attended earlier today
desktop: A pic of the Love and Me
toe nail colour: au Natural
surroundings: the computer screen
annoyance: my brother knocking insistently at the door.
thoughts: Meeting the love later today to go to JB


best friend: Liza (back in Pri. Sch)
crush: Oh God thisis so embarrassing. Shahrizal (WPS, '93)
movie: The Little Princess
lie: hehe...too many
music: can't remember


cigarette: N.A
drink: orange squash
car ride: a little under 4 hours ago
crush: the infamous Prince Of Egypt
movie: The Ant Bully
phone call: the Love
cd played: Avril Lavigne's 2nd album

Have I Ever:

dated one of your best friends: No
broken the law: No.
A gd galbeen arrested: No
skinny-dipped: No
been on tv: Yes
kissed someone you dont know: No

5 things you are wearing:

my hair tie, contact lenses, baju kurung and my underthings
4 things you done today: shower, eat, go to a wedding, shop for vcd
3 things you can hear right now: the cars below, the tv downstairs and the fan whirring
1 thing you do when your bored: Daydream

6 ppl whom I want to do this thing: Suli, Kho, Umairah, Seri, Azimah, Zakiah.