Wednesday, August 09, 2006

National Day Cramps

This is Captain Selenger reporting for duty (yet again)

I am so gundu sometimes.

I swear i thought the short story assignment was due on thursday. I was so sure of it.

Until someone in class yesterday reminded Prof. Quayum about the assignment. Yes, then i had to run to the lab, finish one last paragraph and run upstairs to get it printed.

Luckily i spent over 3 hours on monday night typing most of the assignment.

Me and my complete dumb moments.

And last night i started with my swimming class. I think i H.A.V.E really cramped muscles. 15 mins of swimming laps is tiring. Especially since i've been out of it for so long.

But i must say, the girls in my swimming class are really friendly. Nice to know that about them. Makes class more enjoyable.

*Note to self: Remember to stretch the arms a little bit more unless you want to feel excruciating pain even when you're not doing anything.

And here i am typing this entry in the customary red and white colours.

Yes, yes. So patriotic right?

I dunno, but this year, i feel like some of the magic is lost.

This is the 2nd time round that im missing the parade on tv. Boo hoo.

And YES it makes a difference when you're in someone else's country, not to mention that you DON'T get a national holiday.

And you hate knowing that your boyfriend is still in bed sleeping away.

Really. It feels like injustice is being done here.

But anyway, i'll still be able to catch the re-run of the NDP on tv i guess. But its never the same.

But one thing im sure of is that i'll be watching the fireworks come saturday.

That's one thing im definitely sure of.

But lemme tell you a secret.

I'm even wearing red and white striped underpants. Hehehehehe