Monday, August 14, 2006

Headlines: PMS Strikes Again!

Enough about my red and white panties already.

I am in a sour mood, although i don't want it to get in the way of my studies this week.

Yes, for Maryam, studies come slowly, one pace at a time (or in this case one week at a time).

Thank you darling for putting up with my lousy mood.

I'm really sorry for not being my usual self. Really, thank you.

I think he's realised how I am so not myself when i have to deal with my moodswings.

I think it started on Saturday night when i was so flummoxed by the setting (read: East Coast) so you can imagine the hoardes of people that were in the area. Not to mention the 2nd wave of revellers that headed down to East Coast after the fireworks display over the weekend.

I think he realised how cranky i got and put me in my place before i became a monster.

The walk by the beach (in my baju kurung by the way cos i was from a wedding) did me some good. Alhamdullillah.

And then yesterday, i totally bawled in public okay. Hullo? Maryam tak pernah nangis in public!

I got told off for something i didn't do wrong. I just kept silent. Then when he tried to pujuk me i swear, i totally lost the plot. I thought i wanted to jual mahal a bit but then, hahaha, my not so pretty moods came up.

Needless to say, he was panicking.

"Eh don't cry, don't cry. Sorry Bie. Dah lah, orang tgkkan tu..."

At that point in time, i already had my palms covering my eyes and i was wracked with sobs.

Stupid PMS. Makes me look so bad.

So paisey okay? First time i cry like that in front of boyfriend some more.

Well, needless to say, guys get really scared and panicky when their girlfriends start to cry.

Believe me. Its tried & tested (unintentionally of course!)