Tuesday, September 12, 2006


I don't mean i got wasted though. But most of my break was. I only spent a total of two and a half day's up and about.

Went to Comex, met the bf to apologize over a stupid blowout we had on the 1st of sept, and then on sunday, i went for 2 weddings, one soccer match, a housewarming and then a quick zip down to JB to get some petrol down into baby Getz's hungry little (not so little actually) tummy.

And i was hacking badly on Sunday.

And i distinctively remember being sick the previous two months.

I've done nothing but swallow all these small little pills and nada. I still get sick.

Thanks to the little brother, i caught some nasty little bug and then fell tremendously ill starting monday, the 4th of september. It was only on the 6th of september that i went to the doctor. Needless to say, the doctor's were alarmed. Hospitalization was on the cards. And i simply didn't want to hear a single thing about going to the hospital and so i settled for 2 days worth of mc.

Which meant that i didn't go back to school on thursday, the 7th of september.

Made my way back to KL only on friday and then the rest is history.


Oklah, bleh tahan. Managed to pull through and get slightly better to watch the race, just in time. If not then burn lah the RM50 tix that the love bought for me.

I would LOVE to go again next year.

Got so much eye candy!

Ahakz, if only i were single again that day...(joking only k Sayang?)

So what did i do most of the time back home during the mid-semester break?


All swaddled in a sweater plus comforter and socks on my feet.

I was a sorry sight.

Even my mom let me sleep in.

I so did not enjoy the chalet at Aloha Loyang. Family was there. No bf though. Just family and tonnes of food.

Me? I could only manage a hotdog, a stick of fishballs, one measly bbq chicken, 5 sticks of satay & 2 kuih lopes. And 5 drinks.

Thats it.

It was pathetic.

I shouldn't have even left the house.

And mind you, NO assignments were done.

And so this week is definitely payback time. 1 midterm (thankfully over with) and 2 assignments, one more due this friday before im due home again for my medical appointment.

I pray this will be over soon.

Cos there's the saturday and sunday to look forward to!