Monday, September 25, 2006

So little time.

Like the title says. So little time. But so many things to say and do.

I have only one brain and a pair of hands.

Sometimes i wonder if i could double the workload if i had more than a pair of hands and 2 brains.

But then again i'd look weird right?

Last weekend. Something that was anticipated finally happened.

I've finally met his parents.

And my initial thought was that: His mom hates me.


Cos she gave me a sour face when i went up to her give my salam.

But thankfully, it wasn't my doing.

It was unfortunately my bf's doing. They had a row earlier in the day and i was caught between the both of them.

I gave him an earful on the way to his house in JB with his parents.

And then...

I was left alone with the mom for about half an hour.

I thought to myself: "This is it. Its doomsday. She hates me."

And then when the bf left the house with his dad, she started to TALK to me! *grins*

She talked and regaled about the past, my bf and his stubborn streak and whatnot.

It was fun. I was laughing all the way.

And then when he returned. She put back her sour face back on.

I gave him another earful on our way back to Singapore.

So that was Friday.

On Saturday, the whole Sesth family rallied together, to finally paint the grimy walls.

First it was my dad, my sis, my bro, me and little adam (who has finally lost both his front teeth, so he will be toothless in the Raya photos this year.)

And then there were three.

It was up to my 15 yr old bro and my sis and me to finish up while the parental units went to my grandad's place to celebrate his birthday.

With SGD10 per person (in exchange for painting the walls), we painted and painted and painted until we could paint no more.

And literally fell into an exhausted heap in front of the television.

And we ordered pizza with that SGD30

That was gd pizza i tell you.

Especially after you had painted for more than 5 hours.

Sunday was a different story altogether.

It being the first day of Ramadhan, we had to finish off the last bits of painting and get ready for all my aunts, uncles and cousins to descend to my house for iftar.

It was the best iftar of all i have to say.

I miss those family gatherings very much. Especially since everyone is growing up so fast!

I have male cousins towering high over me making me feel like a little munchkin from munchkinland.

Oh well. Lets see whether i'll make my way back to singapore this weekend for another iftar with the family.