Saturday, September 16, 2006

Hectic² Week.

Like i said before. This week was going to be payback week.

And indeed it has been.

First. There was the mid-term that i barely studied for.

That wasn't as bad as the assignments that i had to hand in for the week.

It was still manageable.


Then i had to scramble to do the "chat" assignment.

Blardy hell. I had so much problems with it.

First was that i couldn't print the assignment. And then i had to hand in the assignment through email. The ONLY one in class that had that problem.

This stupid assignment made me look so bad.

And this class, it just keeps getting worse and worse.

She keeps piling on assignments. Every. Single. Week.

And she complains, saying that she has too many assignments to mark and she doesn't think that she can complete marking them on time.

If she has so many things to mark then why give us so many assignments. Correct or not?

Logical right?

Oh and there was the American literature assignment that i had to hand in yesterday.

Got only one page down on Wednesday night. Thursday night i had to make tracks and finish the whole thing up.

I remembered staring aimlessly at the computer screen not knowing what to write.

And the best thing was, the 7 thick and heavy books that i borrowed to help in the research was of NO use at all!!!!

Now i've got to lug all the books back to the library.

Dang it.

Oh and the email interview for the MSL assignment, she emailed us back only recently.

How now?

Should i still go ahead and print the email interview? Maybe i should.

Im up to my neck in problems.

Patience maryam, patience!