Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Some Scary Shit.

Last weekend was quite busy.

A wedding to attend and a friend to visit at the hospital (who was discharged on the same day).

No more falling and hitting yourself on the head anymore k Umi?

Neway, the wedding was fab.

Seeing 2 high school sweethearts get married is so romantic.

*i am such a sappy romantic*

Wishing Khairul and Nora many wonderful years ahead. Amin.

When i got back to the office on monday, i was perfectly fine, till my eye started to gimme problems.

My left eye to be precise.

My left eye was beginning to redden and lots of those green mucus-ey things started to appear. And lots of it mind u.

The last time the same thing happened, my contact lenses had expired.

Without me realising of course.

So after work, i had to rush to yishun, get a new pair of lenses.

After rushing there, i had to rush to woodlands for tuition. Grabbed a bite and power walked all the way to my tuition venue.

I'm still recovering frm yesterday's fatigue and thankfully the eye has recovered.

I was super BUSHED that the moment i laid my head on the pillow i fell into and unconcious deep sleep.

Only waking up at around 3am to cover myself with the blankie. The temp. fell quite drastically last night, which made sleeping even better!

I honestly didn't want to wake up.

Body said no but mind was screaming to wake up!

So what is the blog title all about?

This morning, the cleaning lady was complaining and griping about the state of the toilet this mrng.

She found SHIT, yes SHIT smeared all over the walls of the cubicle!!!!

The poor auntie was saying that she's going to quit after CNY.

Nooooooooo! In the short space of time, i really can tell that her standard of hygiene is REALLY high.

The toilets are always sparkling and smelling waaayyyy nice!

I really have a high respect for pple who can clean toilets very well.

Now im convinced that there's a filthy madman smearing shit all over the walls.

Errkk! Scary!