Thursday, January 10, 2008

Busy Bee/ 1429H

This is my first publication week.

So far everything is going smoothly alhamdullillah.

But the mayhem has yet to begin cos my sales manager isn't in yet.

Harhar...he is quite the slave driver. *in a gd way of course*

Yesterday was my sotong day.

Yeah...cos i had to deal with a couple of sotong pple also the whole day...

So the virus kinda caught on.

Anyway, what happened was, my boss gave me a lift home (saving me abt $1.09 on my ez-link heheheheeee)

He just happens to live really close by. So hence the lift home.

So then the moment i got home, i rummaged in my bag and realised i'd left my office keys back at the office.

And this was at 6.30pm yesterday. (the EARLIEST i've ever been home since i started).

What was supposed to be an early day back from the office turned out to be the latest.

I had to call in a favour from my aunt so she could drive me all the way back to Upper Thompson.

I sooooo owe her big time.

Reached the office again at 7pm, an hour after i had left the office.

The other boss and a few guys from the editorial team were still in (they like working late) thankfully.

Even the boss joked: Hey you're early for tomorrow huh?

I was mortified and so paisey i tell u.

I had even put my keys onto a lanyard just so that it would be visible.

Some help that was.

So eventually i made it home at 7.30pm.

I'm just glad that my office isn't so far away from home.

While many people have put their resolutions to bed, i've been trying to come up with some fool-proof resolutions that i won't break.

1) be kinder to myself - emotionally & physically

2) to be a better Muslim. amin

3) get myself a really good camera...harharhar

Well those first 2 are the ones that i really am going to work on.

It being the new Gregorian/Islamic Year.

The camera bit is just something to treat myself (and becoz i have had enough of sharing the digicam that has been HOGGED by my sister).

So enough is enough.

Time for me to get that Sony :D