Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Prayer (Un)Answered?

Perhaps i'm rambling like an incoherent babbling idiot.

But really...yesterday's news just hit me like a brick.

In the face.

To my heart.

I think im beginning to sound like some ingrate.

But at least i'll be able to get to do some fun things in 2008.

June 2008, destination...

New York!!! *humming, New York, New York*

So right now i'll be working hard to raise cash for my trip.

All other trips will now be put on hold.

Apologies to all parties involved.

Hhehehe...im going to the States! Wohoooo!

My 2nd trip to the States in almost 20 years!!

That's a loooonng wait!

*Tapi yang penting dapat gi shoppiiiinnnnnnggg! Naseb baik dah kerja...huhuhu*