Thursday, February 07, 2008

Due to Popular Demand

Suli, thanks for URGING me to blog again.
I might have forgotten how.
But the absence was 'cos there was so much to say but i didn't noe WHAT to write!
Plus, i wanted to divulge some stuff on the blog but for fear that the boss would STUMBLE upon it.
So yeah. That's why the lack of updates.
But finally, today there's something WORTH blogging about.
I've fallen in LOVE with....
i love the suspense... don't you? *hehehe*
lets just say i now have a Rangga also Suli hehehe...
and we got to know from Facebook!
Credits to Umi (tak sia-sia you look so hawt in Facebook kan!?) hehehe
Lets just say: my grey skies have slowly lifted
and im SMILING so much that the facial muscles HURT!
Thanks girls for the CNY makan-makan. hehe
I love you all so much!
And the uia babes, weiiiii when are we meeting?!!!?