Monday, February 18, 2008

Word on the Street...

The word on the street is that we (well majority of the Singaporean citizens that is) will be getting some cash payout.

Anything to do with money is good with me.

The other word on the street is that there's a particular feeling of lightness *grin* floating in a FEW of us (i.e. Suli & maybe myself "p)

This lightness...caused by some inexplicable feeling that's coursing through OUR *my* veins at least...

Hahahaha....i think i might've started another controversy for Suli...(though NOT TRUE pple!)

I'm just going on a HUNCH here.

And another word on the street is that the gossip just gets better in the millenium.

I'm talking about Gossip Girls people!

I'm already on the 13th episode.

Okay i know most of you might've finished the 2nd season even...gimme a break, i barely even watch tv these days.

But, EVERY episode is the same...

It gets a little boring though at times.

Why? Cos every episode is about SOME party or another.

Like what the sister said: Its superficial.


No wonder there was a writer's strike.

There isn't much to write about when you're in the States.

Cliche'd yes...

Bordering on boredom.

But i'll keep watching it to *hopefully* retract what i just said.

Till then...