Friday, February 22, 2008


For the people that weren't in the know, i have been down with several afflictions.

It all started last Friday.

Migraine. Then fever.

After that, i was pretty much okay over the weekend.

Went karaoke-ing with the AI babes, made a silly fool out of ourselves at CashBox and we definitely entertained our one and only spectator, Hafiz-tunang-kepada-Zakiah.

My Cik Zakiah (the resident che'gu) and Cik Umi (our resident...hheelllooooo Nurse!) even went all out and sang Gurindam Jiwa!

I laffed and laffed till i cried okay.

Even that tickled Hafiz silly.

Okay, sidetracked, sorry.

So after all the fun and merry making, I had to drag myself out of my warm and comfy bed to meet the UIA BARB gerls for Amera's wedding.

That aside, i guess it was all the running around, going to work, tutoring and making plans to meet the girls that really made me tired.

I simply get sick when i DON'T have enough sleep.

So on Monday, things took a turn for the worse.

I already took some medication the night before but i was still sniffling in the morning.

I was sneezing and sniffling in the cold office the whole day.

Yet...i still went to tutor.

After that, needless to say, i was OUT on Tuesday.

I was on MC, lazed at home, eating porridge, sleeping.

Then tutored at night. (I dunno why i torture myself sometimes)

I was only feeling MUCH better yesterday, alhamdullillah....

Only to be blindsided by this pain in my head that just continuously throbbed.

Migraine again...only much worse.

I could feel my neck tensing. Nausea.

Cancelled tuition AGAIN.

*at this point i had already vomited in my mouth a little, which gives you a picture of how bad the pain is*

I called my Dad to get him to pick me up, lest i fall into some ditch on my way out of the office.

Finally after reaching home, at around 7.20pm after picking my mom up, (3 hours of blinding pain in my skull) only did i get to have some migraine medication.

I don't think i should have taken the Synflex...too strong.

But no Ponstan so had to make do with my mother's variety of migraine pills.

*Yes pple, migraine is hereditary!*

I cannot imagine it getting worse.

Cos my mum is currently using Valium to get rid of the very² bad migraines.


I never really suffered so much from migraines when i was in Uni.

It really began AFTER i left school.

So yes...i've been a light.

Every night before 12 midnight.

*I only work this hard cos i really wanna go for a well-deserved holiday...har-har*


P/S: Still no word yet....arrggh! I'm sooooo tired of waiting.