Sunday, June 19, 2005


Is it just me or has the weather just become SWELTERING hot?!

The exam ended without much hassle. It wasn't as hard as i expected it to be. It was in fact something that Dr. Normala already went through with us. Luckily i was present for that class. And the qn involved dissecting a poem linguistically. I never thought that i'd be glad to see a poem.

I normally hate reading poems. Cos i cant appreciate most of them for nuts. Especially once you've had a go at Philip Larkin's works... they're a killer.

I love hot weather but not once its coupled with such searing humidity it tends to get a bit overbearing.

My trip back home to singapore was quite an amazing race experience yet again. Having already bought my ticket home on wednesday, i boarded the bus at Pudu, 15 mins to 7pm on the 17th june. It was supposed to be a 3-3.5hr ride. On a comfortable executive coach. But to my dismay, i got the bus with 2 seats on each aisle. My mind and body already started to register some disappointment. But wat to do? Bought the ticket oredi.Bo pian lah...

I'm slowly starting to wilt in this heat.

It was an atrocious time to take a bus back to singapore. A friday evening and traffic was heavy due to the fact that the following day was a holiday. I felt miserable and started to regret the fact that i got on that bus. I felt like crap. Not to mention that the seat didn't give me much leg room AND it couldn't really recline much. So much for travelling in comfort. My neck and back were aching the whole way. And i couldn't sleep much. So i was pretty much awake for almost the whole journey. By the time it was 9.30pm i started was supposed to be an express bus for God's sake. It should have been in melaka by then but we were still one state away frm melaka. I was starting to get worried.

This weather helps to breed mozzies! AAAACCCKKKKKKKK!

I smsed my dad and he was working. That meant the only way home was by public transport. And it was CRUCIAL that i got to JB at least on time. The bus finally pulled into Larkin terminus at 11.15pm thereabouts. Luckily the bus driver for 170 didn't take long and soon after I was heading to the checkpoints. Timecheck 11.40pm and i was at wdlds checkpoint. By the time i cleared customs and walked to the bus-stop it was close to midnight. Lady luck was again on my side for 911E pulled in and i made a dash for it. I made it in one piece. Thank God.

This weather is crap!

Reached wdlds mrt stn, hurriedly climbed the escalators and got to the platform with 5 mins to spare. By the time i reached yishun, it was close to 12.15am. Brisk walked to the interchange and managed to get a bus immediately. I suddenly understand how pple on AmAzInG RaCe win. You either have luck or God really loves you. As simple as that.

I am now under attack by the mozzies...this is not good. I am gonna be eaten alive by 1am.

This is Death By Mozzies.

And my sis is really being annoying.


...Fading Into Oblivion...