Saturday, June 25, 2005 has been...

Ok im not going to now u dont have to miss me that much k?

Like it ever made a difference to you.

My evenings are now laden with guilt. I still remember how i unmistakenly and unknowingly messed everything up.

Like the sign on msn messenger reads: i've got the midas touch of disaster.

It still irks me how he refuses to take any ounce of blame. How he says he's not in any way reponsible.

How could you!? Why are you being such a jerk? Does it make you feel better that im miserable?

I'm sure it does.

I can practically see that smirk on your face...enjoying every second of my misery. Grow up will you? I was wrong too. I know that. At least i admitted to everything I did.

You want to throw our friendship down the drain go ahead. Its your loss.