Thursday, June 23, 2005

I. Need. A. Break.

This running around like a headless chicken is proving to be taking more energy than expected.

I need more than a break. I need a massage, a pedicure and a manicure perhaps. A little facial wouldn't hurt. Let's see whether we can get my aunt to sponsor me on that. Heh heh.

Tomorrow will be my first programme since being appointed as a member of the exco. Kinda nervous. Hopeful. Testy. sooo stressed out. I have so many things to cover. I JUST HOPE I DON'T SCREW UP.

I managed to meet my gerls yesterday. Was a short meeting but i enjoyed every minute of it nevertheless. We had a quick dinner...chatted, gossiped (the gossip was JUICY) heheheh...I love you gerls. U are my heart and soul. I pray that we'll always be together and see each other go thru the gd times as well as the bad. And i can't wait for the time for the first of us to get married/engaged/watever! *sabarlah maryam kalau ye pun!*

I may have to take a quick trip to KL on tuesday. Dunno whether azimah nak ikut tak eh. Satu hari pun jadi lah kan? heheheh...

On the other hand...i havent been having a gd night's rest these days. My heart hangs heavy. Entah. tak tau aper lah yg buat aku risau sangat. sedih tak. happy pun takderlah sampai ke tahap ecstatic. Pls God help me take this emptiness away...the dull throb is almost gone. But i'm proud of how far i've come. I'm glad that im not making the same mistakes that i've made before.*sigh*

Let's hope that tomorrow will have better things in store.

...Fading Into Oblivion...