Sunday, December 30, 2007

2007 Roundup.

2007 has been both the best and the worst year for me.

2007 saw me crying to bits.

As well as rejoicing and laughing after my 3.5 years of slogging it out in university.

Its been a contradictory year for me.

I wish some things wouldn't have panned out the way it did.

But this is the way the Almighty planned for me.

I may have made the plans but I need to be consistently reminded that they might not happen even with the utmost care and preparation.

I can tell you that this year has definitely tested me to my limits.

How i managed to come out of my final semester at IIUM unscathed was a miracle in itself.

I thought after all the drama that ensued i would have flunked Arabic quite badly.

But Alhamdullillah that was not the case.

Arabic could have actually served as my *penawar* while i struggled with my tumultuous personal life.

2007 also showed me its true colours.

Who are the friends that i should keep close by especially.

Those who care and those who don't.

Clearly, those that disappeared off the radar don't care.

Simple as that.

4 more months till i turn 24.


So soon?!

No use dreading it cos its going to hit me full force.


I'm also miffed and acutely aware (& incensed!) that i know now truly that its no longer about what I want.

Its more of what THEY want, and what SHE wants.

I still feel annoyed and hurt and a lot of resentment over the whole course of this year.

Especially towards one person in my life.

I just can't wait for this year to be over with so i can start the New Year with my brand new job and insyaAllah, more to look forward to in 2008.