Thursday, December 13, 2007


Clearly everyone is confused and getting a bit wound up about my state of affairs.


Let me the clear the air.

#3 is NOT the 3rd crush of this month.

There are only currently 2.

And no Suli, this ISN'T the one that you know about. Hehehehe

I know it seems a bit much right?

But what's a single girl to do but fill her idle mind with fantasies of the opposite sex.


*cocks head in a coquettish manner*

But the earlier crush i had seems to be fading.

So i might just be left with ONE.

One BIG crush on #3.

Let me relish the thought of #3 by myself for a while.

As it is, i have no intention of giving out details on my blog.

Because, like i've said before, Singapore is too small.

Our own social circles might cross between each other.

And i don't want to embarass myself greatly because WE might just cross paths soon enough.

Right now, im still deciding on whether to go on the 31st. Cos its gonna last all day and all night!!!

Decisions, decisions.

Anyway, i hope i've put a lot of your minds to rest.

You don't have to do a strenuous workout on ur brain to figure it out k?

Now get back to your homework/work people!



p/s: Did i mention that i spent the whole of last weekend at the Asia Pacific Floorball Championships? Arrrghhhh! So much eye candy!
This is what is probably prompting me to pick that stick up again.
Which reminds me, i need a new blade and grip!
My grip is crumbling and ratty!