Thursday, December 06, 2007

It all falls down.

It has been pouring and pouring and pouring.


Its soooo cooolldddd.

And my nerves are starting to get to me.

Yes i do have that interview at 2pm today.

Gawd, its nerrrrvvveee-wrecking.

To calm my nerves yesterday, i went a little overboard with my shopping.

A little is an understatement actually.

I bought my lash falsies (cos im lazy to put on mascara oredi hehe), lots of clothes frm this shop at Wisma (Cotton On), my facial wash, my absolute necessity; kohl eyeliner, shoes (for the interview), and a nice new belt.

I think i blew more than a 100 bucks yesterday.

Oh well, at this rate im not gg to spend much in KL hehe.

Not that i've really shopped that much in KL before.

This excludes DVDs and VCDs k pple.

Well next week i'll probably be working part-time again.


At least that means that the bank account won't dry up frm all the excess shopping.

And i definitely can't wait for 2moro.

I mean, when was the last time YOU went to the Science Centre pple?

So pls excuse the nerves and the excitement.