Sunday, December 02, 2007

Of Eskimo Pies & the Keeper of Secrets

Eskimo Pie, a year after their Asian Beats win.

After a few smses frm Suli, we managed to finally get our butts down to PS to watch
Abg Ard perform.
The last time i saw him perform was 2 years ago at Suntec for the Anugerah Planet Muzik.
It was so nice to see him again! And Abg, your malay songs rock my socks more than your english ones heheh.
Almost didn't make it for the gig though AND i thought i was really late.
Turns out, when i reached the venue at ard 6.30ish, they had just begun to play.
So i didn't miss a beat.
*Isabella done Linkin Park style??? Abg you fooled me & Suli through and through!*
So after that, me and her *the very angry and confused one* took a little walk around PS to go look for some school supplies seein that she needs some for her FINAL semester at IIUM, u go gerl!
Then we headed over to Starbucks for some starbucking moments.
And of all the people i bumped into was my sister's ex.
Aish u are so cute! You haven't changed a single bit and i love that! Ahakz. Happily protecting VIPs now he is :D

Me & Suli went off *seeing that she had to pack for her 8.30am bus tomorrow* and...
We were greeted by a "surprise".
Clearly, someone thinks that i cannot be trusted and so i was smsed.
Could not help BUT feel slightly insulted *yet strangely amused and a tad bit disappointed too*
Oh well, i shall become your keeper of secrets but don't be surprised.
We parted ways and i came down with the most excruciating pounding of fists in my frontal lobe.
Thank gawd the Solpadeine worked its magic an here i am finishing this blog entry.
On other fronts, i am missing the uia gerls. A lot. I think this is what they call withdrawal symptoms.
Oh, and i have to give a big shoutout to my bestie Huda who listened to my frustrations and being patient with me and helping me out.
I wouldn't have gotten that interview without u babe.
Thanks a million :D