Sunday, December 25, 2005

Attempting the stupid...

Yesterday being the 24th December, we decided to go out. Yes, me shasha and darwis (later joined by Kak D, Abg D and Nasir). We needed to get a headstart on the preparations for the Singapore Seminar. So we decided on Liat Towers Starbucks. Yes very stupid of us. Why did we even think of Orchard Rd on Christmas Eve?

So after wrapping up our work, we had dinner at Far East and were joined by Shasha's frens.

And the journey to the MRT station was complete and utter mayhem. Sprayed by a deluge of fake snow (snow in a can). We kept getting smothered by all the stupid asses who apparently wanted it to snow really badly in singapore. Go for a winter holiday then idiots! Don't mess up Orchard Road.

This wasnt my first brush with annoying holiday merrymakers.This was exactly wat happened in Bukit Bintang a year ago. I was sprayed incessantly by all those party streamers in a can.

I should have learnt from my mistake last year.

No more going out on the eve of Christmas and on the day of Christmas it self.Period

I'm probably going to be VERY EXTREMELY BUSY this whole semester. More involvement with MUIS. So u know what that means.

Don't miss me aight.