Monday, December 05, 2005


UIA has got wireless connection! And im proud to be typing this from the comforts of my hostel room. Okaylah...i noe other people out there have got wireless connections long before i have. But to have it in the middle of an "ulu" place is something to take note of okay.

Im happy to report that the connection is quite fast and efficient as well. Paying as low as RM30 for a month's worth of internet usage. Not bad huh. I am so freakin' happy!!!

*ni macam kalau tak nak balik singapore pun tak kesah*


The first day of class went off well. Even though my class started at 8 in the morning. Yes. You heard me right. 8am. And i didnt have too much trouble waking up in the morning either. Thanks to the temp job i was holding for the past 2 weeks, it actually helped me train to wake up early. Actually about half an hour earlier than the preset time on my alarm. Your truly here woke up startled, thinking that my alarm didnt go off. And when i checked the clock, it was only 5.25am. So i just crawled back to bed. Got a little more shut eye and then woke up at 6plus to shower and do my morning prayers.

Class was scheduled to start at 8am and i was actually early! I was so damned proud of myself! By 7.25am i was all ready to head out the door. And not to mention i was the very FERST person to reach class. How about that hehehe....i guess im almost back to my normal self once again. I hope i can keep this up...

Even then, the day did have a little hiccup like i mentioned earlier. My class scheduled at eight didnt have the lecturer arriving on time. Which is very strange considering that the lecturer is a very punctual person. So Firah and I decided to go and see him in his office to ask him whether there was going to be class on wednesday or not. First time round he wasn't in his room. So later on i tried again. This time he was already on campus, in the writing lab.

Apparently he did go to class.

Only at a different time. Hehehehe...He was unfortunately greeted by an empty classroom cos his schedule was slated for a 9am class. Luckily i met him and told him of the slight change in his schedule. Hehehe...a misfortune for him but a fortunate event for us.


Arrived in Gombak at 4.30pm yesterday after a 7hour journey frm singapore. Yeah...its the longest bus -ride ever that i've had to take to get to campus. The pit stops and the congestions just made things worse. So yeah...i was exausted by the time i got to my room, hauling me with my luggage and stuff. The room is almost back in order and yours truly is simply knackered today after a hectic ferst day. Alhamdullillah, classes are in order and soon will be gttg guests from Mad. Aljunied and NUS Muslim Society.

Now that should keep me busy for the next couple of days.

p/s: if u can't get a hold of me on my msian mobile this weekend means that im away at my kampung.

thats all.