Wednesday, December 14, 2005


Yes, been getting dreamless sleep which was really good. Refreshed and recharged myself over the weekend back at my kampung.

Helped with the gardening and the raking and the wheelbarrowing. I push a mean wheelbarrow. Haha.

Except for the fact that the water supply was cut off, everything else was gd. I mean who can resist grandma's good old cooking.

Nasi minyak was waiting for me when i arrived late friday afternoon.

Then on monday (which was a public holiday in Selangor) i spent it at my great-grandpa's place and had the best kampung meal in my life.

Just plain rice with tempoyak, petai and fried fish made my day.

The taste still lingers in my mouth. Yummy.

So it was back to school yesterday.

I thought it was a monday. so i brought along my psycholinguistics txt. So very der smangat. And so very der selenger. Buat berat bag je.

Classes started at 10am and went all the way till 5pm with only an hour for lunch and zuhur. Then at 5pm had to rush for a meeting. Tu lah...nak sangat masuk EXCO kan...haaaa rasaaakaaaannn.

Den off to dinner and watched IPAC (islamic performing arts something)...all the way to 11pm.

Was so knackered.

And today is another long day.

Hope all goes well.

42 more days to the 24th of Jan

Wish me luck!