Monday, December 19, 2005

Snap, snap, snap...

That's how my Sunday went.

Snap went the camera and snap went my sandal. Yes. My Charles & Keith sandal i bought just a few months ago. What a bloody waste.


Kho and I wanted to go out and shoot some pics using our SLR's. *maklumlah kawan kiter tu tgh amek photojournalism so dier nak practice*

So we left quite early in the morning. Around 11am on a SUNDAY morning mind you.

We reached Bugis and i just had the urge to spend. So we went to Dorothy Perkins and i bought 2 lovely tops. No black this time round thank god. I'm sick of mourning oredi.

After that we jalan-jalan around Bugis Village but there wasn't much to see cos many shops were still closed. But we did get to see a humongous cat that looked a lot like a dog to me.

Then we walked all the way to Suntec.

We were already ravenous by that time so we headed to Burger King and had lunch. Super duper hungry.

We cleaned up that tray really fast.

Then walked some more to Esplanade.

Took pictures at the garden at the top of the esplanade. Pity the weather was lousy. It was all cloudy and stuff. Just hope the pics turn out well.

Walked over to the merlion.

Started to rain. Took out the umbrellas and proceeded on to fullerton hotel, thinking we could shoot some more pics at the tunnel/underpass near the old esplanade.

Then yours truly here tripped.

SNAP...went the front part of my sandal.

And it happened in front of a few people.

Embarassing but not so bad. At least i know that i wont be seeing those people ever again. haha.

So i had a throbbing foot and a broken sandal. Canceled our plans and hailed a cab. Apparently the cab driver saw me walking barefoot in the rain and had nice little chuckle.

Drove over to bugis junction.

Walked barefoot on ONE foot with the good sandal still on.

Looked around for a pair of sandals/slippers i could get cheap. Got a pair for $10

Good enough.

Paid then left.

Was so bloody tired. Reached home around 6.30pm.

Not to mention i was going back to kl that same night.

And yes. I just arrived at my dorm room at 6am.

And i have a class at EIGHT in the morning. So i cant go back to sleep. If not i will definitely miss the class. And i'd hate to get on Br. Mazlan's bad side.

Going to shower now.

Hope this stiff neck goes away soon.