Thursday, January 26, 2006

A Decade Of Waiting

10 years of waiting and its all over in just a mere three days.
I wish it were longer.
Pls don't take another 10 yrs to come back to this fair isle.
23rd January 2006
The day has finally arrived. The boys will actually be landing in Singapore's Changi Airport after a long absence to perform at Singapore's Indoor Stadium tomorrow night!
I had to go do the recce and food tasting before I could actually head down to the airport to greet them.
Busy with seminar duties and all.
Food tasting was good. Hopefully it will benefit all the hungry tummies on Saturday afternoon.
All was done by 3pm. By then i had already panicked cos i heard that the Boys were going to land at 4.30pm. At the rate we were waiting for the bus, i would definitely not make it on time.
But i told myself nevermind, no need to rush.
I still have to get my camera from home.
Anyway i could still catch a glimpse of them at the hotel.
Grabbed camera, headed out again and thankfully it didnt take long for 858 to materialise.
Bless the transportation system here.
I got to the airport in one piece and i didnt have to wait as long as the others who had been there since 2pm.
Apparently their flight had been delayed.
I even had some time to compose myself before the Boys actually came.
They sure didnt disappoint.
i SAW them.Finally.
They're gorgeous.
Even more so in person.
Unfortunately we (me & the other gerls) didn't get into the transit area.
So we had to make do with the view from the viewing gallery.
After a really mad dash to the arrival belt, we set up our stuff and waited from them to emerge.
And they did. In all their glory.
Although it was quite a quick exit, i still managed to garner Kevin's attention and he turned to smile and wave.
He's such an obliging one that one.
I won't say what happened for the remainder of the day.
Cos im still upset i didnt get to take pics with them.
Good enuf i saw them at such close range!
Can't wait for the concert!!!!