Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Late Entry
My humble apologies for the late entry.
Swamped with work.
-24th January 2006-

I've had an emotional Monday. None of the monday blues.
and tuesday is shaping up to be a wonderful day too!
I'm going to make my way down to the indoor stadium hours before the concert even starts.
I can't wait!!!
I left home at 1.45pm. Hoping to get to Kallang by 2.45 at least. Thankfully i did meet some of the folks at Kallang MRT stn.
Took bus service number 11 and soon arrived safely at the stadium.
When we arrived, it was just us. The CORE die-hard fans.
Others started trickling in at 3.45pm
I myself couldnt believe that i was at the venue 5hours in advance.
I just had to catch the Boys during their soundcheck session.
I believe that i was really and truly blessed that day.
I actually got in by a simple and mere stroke of luck.
Just showed L my friend's VIP tix and got the tag!
My friends shrieked in joy when i showed them that i managed to get in!
I was ecstatic.
Marcus (BSB's long time bodyguard) was at the door minding the fans.
I got shouted at for running into the stadium. Heheheh...sorry lah Marcus. Excited lah!
The ferst person i saw or rather heard was Nick strumming and playing some chords on his guitar.
Then i saw all the 5 boys in full view!
Kevin was centre stage, tapping away on the keys of the piano.
Howie was stage right, looking at all of us.
AJ was next to to him and fiddling with his snow cap.
Brian was next to Nick who was stage left.
Brian is gorgeous!
And so was everyone else, save for Nick.
Sorry. But Paris really took out a lot on Nick.
Poor boy.
Enjoy the pics!
They even sang 2 songs for us. The only song i remember them singing though was Weird World. And to all the critics that think that they can't sing. You better eat your words cos they were spectacular.
Vocally beautiful.
I actually remember the tears in my eyes.
After the soundcheck, we hung out just outside the stadium just willing the time to fly by faster so that we could enter for the concert.
Then Marcus and another one of the bodyguards made their rounds around the concert venue and we took some pics with him. I actually got my pic taken with him.
Then VJ Colby from MTV walked past, i actually called him and said hi.
Hehehe...kene label mentel after that.
Got myself on MTV. Pop Inc. Never even watched the episode. Too knackered.
Then came concert time.
Timeless. Breathless. Spectacular. Amazing.
That's all i can muster.
I can't even write it down.
Its just pure emotion which i can't seem to convey with words.
I remember swaying, dancing and singing to ALL their songs.
I truly miss them now.
I hope they don't take another 10 yrs to come back.
A big thank you to Firah. Without you i don't think i could have had such a wonderful experience.
Thanks to all the other girls i met and the friendships that were forged.
Before i sign off.
I just wanted to say:

Backstreet's Back 'Alright'!
-Brian style!-