Sunday, February 05, 2006

Walk Like An Egyptian...

The weather has been really kind lately. Alhamdullillah. I haven't even been feeling depressed or anything. Not even a hint of PMS! Hehehhe...

I guess im still on that BSB high!

I still can't believe that i had the privelege of going to A BSB CONCERT!!!

The week has been really great.

The test that i didn't study for was in fact an open book test. Bless Dr. Umar.

And i got to see my egyptian crush. Heheheh...Right Suli, right right??

Hah...blissful i tell you. 2 days straight that i got to see him. It was quite accidental. Never even planned on meeting him there but it was pure happenstance.

Okaaaayyyy i sound like im high on helium and morphine.
I really cant help it. The weather's been positively gorgeous!
Really thankful for the good weather.
Speaking of good weather, I should really go do my laundry! Its like piling up and i've only been here like 4 days.

Oh btw, did i mention i got to see the gorgeous egyptian guy? Oh i did...hehehehe....Super Selenger
Before i make a lot of people throw up, i better move along.

More tests await me next week as usual. Registration for the next 2 semesters are coming soon. I've already done up my timetable. I have less than a year to go. I can't believe that im going to graduate soon!

Its certainly a really scarey thought. Liberating but scarey nevertheless.

Taking American history next sem. Just realised that i should have taken history as an elective subject. It would have helped me loads with literature. Anyways, it will be an audited subject but wat's more important is that im getting one of the BEST lecturers in UIA!
Prof. Dr. Bogdan Kopanski
Polish by birth but is an American citizen. The best part about taking this audited subject is that i wont have to sit for any test or even the final exam.
I loiiikkkeeee!
But the main concern is that Dr. Kopanski is a really brilliant lecturer. And after all the rave reviews that he's been getting, I really hope i get the subject.
His lectures are never boring cos he always brings videos for his students to watch!
My kinda lecturer i tell ya!

Tomorrow, one test awaits me.

Its driving me psycho. Especially the chapter on sign language.
Lets see whether i sign off from that test well.