Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Something fishy...

Its been a few days since ive blogged. I really miss this space of mine. Today i feel a bit senti-mentel okay so bear with me lah.

The fishy business...yes. Lets get down to it.

What do u do when someone actually calls u to tell you that they've changed their number? Yes. Normally pple just sms u their new number right? Noooo...not this person.

And this happened only earlier today. I'm a bit at a loss. Speechless for words lah. Not only that but 'B' also smsed to invite me to his class...meaning?

Is this the result of the dreams i had?

I just had to tempt fate didn't I?


Anyway, i had my registration today and i am proud to say that im a full fledged 3rd yr student!

I have 5 core courses and 1 minor. Plus the Co-curricular skill that i wanted! Swimming!

I want that swimming cert so badly. Not to mention a damn gd reason to get my lazy bum working.

I am finally taking Malaysian and Singaporean Lit. I heard we'll be discussing Alfian Saat! Coolness.

And Computer Applications in Language Studies. Brilliant!

Lots of gd stuff to look forward to. Unfortunately im nearing the end of my studies. I didnt noe that 3.5 years would end so quickly.

I don't feel like closing this chapter of my life. Its seen the best and worst moments of my life!

And who knew i'd ever end up in this instituition!? Allah really works wonders. And i don't think i've thanked him enough for this journey. Still working on it.

I am still a working progress.

I discover something new everyday. And although i claim to say that im bored, i don't think i ever have. I'm learning to appreciate life in a new light.

Suddenly the light has dawned on me.


Dr. Fazal Rahim, my Western News Networks lecturer was so passionate about his lecture today. I love his facial expressions and the way that he expresses his views. And today was no exception. Plus, we were talking about the issue of the Prophet (S.A.W) being caricatured. Now that was the best lecture i've had with him so far.

Freedom of expression bullshit. Don't believe everything pple/media say. Or do for that matter. Go screw yourself ferst and den tell me freedom of expression kay? And i mean that very literally.

I have yet to post the haiku that one of the lecturers wrote about this issue. I found it very beautiful. Will post it up once i get it aight?

By the way like my new pic? Hehehehehe....i think i look cute in this pic! :D

- i need moments of self-assuarance at times-

Anyway enough rambling. I have a quiz that i havent studied for and tons of editing to do for my semantics paper. I have a constant love/hate relationship with Dr. Subra. God help me. As long as he doesn't go overboard i'll respect him.

Ok. Im outt.