Monday, February 27, 2006

What’s the use of the Photocopy machine?

I’m spending my Friday afternoon in the Library again trying to research for my Prose assignment for Br. Mazlan.

Progress has been slow but nevertheless, research is always fun rather than writing the actual paper itself. Procrastinating yet again.

Sometimes when im left alone to do write these term papers I somehow manage to get it done at the laaaasssssstt minute. And I have been given 28 days for this assignment (for which I have no class since the 13th of Feb. till the 12th of March) I am so lazy.

Today I’ve gotten down to the second social cause in the study of the social novel. I like this topic cos I get to reread my fave book. The Joy Luck Club by Amy Tan and the utterly boring book of To Kill A Mockingbird by Harper Lee.

I know many pple will argue with me to say that Mockingbird is a great book…but I have NEVER been able to actually read and comprehend the novel. It’s a wonder that I actually passed my Literature at the Ordinary Level with a decent grade. I guess that’s why I’ve ended up reading the novel again. But this time I can’t even borrow the book! Cos I haven’t returned a single book that I’ve borrowed from the library. I’m actually using Suli’s account to also borrow books for the assignment.

I simply forgot to bring the books that I don’t need for the research. Super selenger bachin.

So since I’ve used up the all the quota for book borrowing, I resorted to typing down the important notes I needed for the assignment. I think after half an hour, I realized that I could have spared myself the agony and the stupidity by simply PHOTOCOPYING the parts I needed.

-tu lah, mak hantar gi blajar kat university tapi otak tak gunakan ^slaps forehead^-

So now, I am going to photocopy the things that I need.

Btw Abg F is acting up. Dier nak tgk part B aje tapi part A dier tak nak accept dulu. Haiz…its gonna be a boring weekend.