Thursday, February 09, 2006

Ooops He Did It Again.

Enuff with the insensitive remarks oredi lah. One day is fine by me. But this is twice in a week. Guess wat the lecturer said to the whole class today after our mid-term test?

"Everyone should score high marks except for one."

Then this one guy just HAD to ask who.

So the lecturer replied:

"Someone from a neighbouring country."

Wat the *beep*!!!!!!

Its bad enough being the only S'porean in the class. But he really didn't have grounds to single me out like that.

Now im seriously wondering if he's gonna penalise me.

I'm already tired after sitting for 3 consecutive papers today. Please arh don't screw up my day until like dat.

Sorry arh but gotta say [FUCK sia!]