Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Hi, My name is Suhaili

This is what you get when line get crossed and there is endless static when trying to converse with someone even though they are right in front of you.

The tale goes like this:

There once was a guy, that had been all over the place. And i mean it quite literally. He was born in Libya, is a Malaysian citizen, so is his dad (but his dad is of Indonesian stock). His mom and sis though, are singaporean citizens. Yeah complicated oredi rite? But i am only just beginning.

He has just only warmed up to a few singaporean students here and we occasionally converse when we bump into him in the hallways.

Anyway, yesterday was a day to always think and laff back at.

I was talking to him outside the library mid-morning after i had deliberately missed class. Talked a while asn saw my friends Darwis and Adha walk into the library. Okay with the guys he has no problem with names but with the gerls, there is a bit of a problem.

He asked me: "Kau tunggu siaper?"

Reply: "Aku tengah tunggu untuk Shasha"

He says: "Siaper Shasha?"

I say: "Dier Darwis nyer gf lah. Ko tak tau? Selama ni kau panggil dier aper?"

And he replies: "Aku selama ni panggil dier 'OI' aje"

Hahahaha...i couldnt contain myself. That was only in the morning. So when i met him at the library again in the afternoon, i casually asked him:

"By the way do you know my name?"

And he *dengan muka selambe dier jawap*:

"Tau, nama kau Suhaili."

Me and my friend Nora just cracked up. And he looked at us dumbfoundedly. And i looked at him wondering whether he was serious. Apparently he was.

I said, "How could you not know my name? Macam gini sey kawan..."

*walk off*

He pulls on my bag and says: "Oi serious ke nama kau bukan Suhaili? Kau jangan tipu lah..."

and i pull out my wallet and show him my matriculation card which has my name printed on it in black and white.

And he grins sheepishly.

That simply had to be the best laugh i've had in ages.

Oh and Happy Belated V-Day or Friendship Day *watever you want to call it*

And p/s: I won't be home this weekend either. Or the week after that. So just msg me if you guys wanna contact me k? Ciao babes

I just got back my semantics paper from that very insensitive lecturer and I GOT AN A!!! Wahoooooooo! Alhamdullillah. All that unnecessary worrying...sheesh...Thank You God!