Monday, February 27, 2006

I know, i know...

I know i said that the weekend was gonna be boring, but it wasn't all that bad.

I only watched Brokeback Mountain over the weekend. And please, if you don't have the stomach for gay sex scenes then you should give this show a pass.

To watch it, i had to drag out my super heavy old laptop to play the discs cos Abg F still doesnt want to cooperate with me. I think i shrieked and squealed everytime Jake Gyllenhall and Heath Ledger came up on screen. I will never look at those two in the same light again!

After lunch and continuing with Disc B, i had to get ready for class. Yeah...class on a Saturdaaayyyy...alamak i tell you lemauuu lah.

Lecturer isn't gonna be around this week so i had to go for the makeup class. Semantics on a saturday is NO fun at all lemme tell you that. The class ran from 2pm to 5pm! Aaaarrggghhhh, i thought i was going to cry in the middle of the class.

After class i made plans with Teej my roomie to go swimming, i met her at the pool right after class. Couldnt wait to sink my toes in the cool water.

I did around 8 laps. Just to relieve all the stress. I even met one of my classmates from the afternn class i had earlier on. She also wanted to relieve the stress...3 hours of semantics, who wouldn't go bonkers.

My arms were killing me after that swimming session. I woke up all sore. And i had to go and represent the English dept in a race that the Comm Students Assoc. organized yday. And i had to wake up bloody early and not go back to sleep after subuh. Now that was the major killer.

I had to get to the venue by 7.30am. And i was running a little behind time. So i had to climb over the fence (which is only unlocked after 8am). After that little stunt, i skinned my palm. And i hadn't even raced yet.

The only teams that had arrived were the Elits Team. We were the only society that fielded TWO teams. while some didn't even field ANY teams at all. We waited and waited and waited some more, it took ages for the committee to set themselves up and we also had to wait for the other teams to arrive. Luckily they provided breakfast. If not i' d have gone really hungry.

Okay...nak masuk bab mentel jap eh

There was a group of guys that dressed very the singaporean like lahhh...hehehe like Suli kata, macam Abg² Lobang. Hehehehe....they dressed like after the race they were going to head down to Orchard Rd. Haizzz...i miss home.

Macam abg² slackers hehehehe

Tapi darah up jugak lah cos they were the last team to arrive, and even had the cheek to have breakfast, and came in first in the race.

Tapi best arh dpt tgk diorang heheheh...i loiiikkkeeee...tanyer lah Suli how i reacted hahahahah

I am so juvenile. Hhehehhe...the things that made us do during the race. Omg, catch fish in the river that runs through our campus, search through sand for a set of keys, blow in a tray of flour to get to our clues. And i really could go on but i wont. Right now my legs are like super killing me after running all around campus yesterday.

Luckily we didnt go home empty handed. We came in third. Even after the little fiasco of getting to the last checkpoint. Nice hamper of food that we shared with the Boys from the Elits team (B).

And i got a lovely surprise from my grandparents and my aunt and uncle! They all came down to UIA to spend the rest of the evening with me. We had dinner and i got to ride in my uncle's new Toyota Wish. Very spacious and comfy. I LOIKE.

They packed for me rambutans, and lauk lemak cili padi and coke. I can't even remember the last time i had a gassy drink.

All in all, yday was a wonderful day. I should've flirted with the boys...hahahah. Rite Suli?