Thursday, February 16, 2006

Loooong week.

Its been an immensely tiring week for me. Mengantuk...menguap...all of it lah.

Tgh pikiran pasal Prince of Egypt? Takderlah sgt...

I don't know. There's this stupid nagging feeling in the pit of my stomach.

Smalam Kho said something to the effect of: to receive love you've got to give it. Then today Dr. Subra mentioned the Theory of Abundance. The circle of giving. Apparently, when there is a vacuum, nature will instantly fill it.

Give, its relatively simple. But sometimes you give and give and give and the person takes advantage of you. It isn't all fair issit?

Aaaarrgghhhh...this cesspool of emotions is eventually going to overwhelm me one day.

I'll worry about it later.

By the way, its finally the weekend. Although i do have one class tomorrow at 12pm. Haiyahhhh cancel je lahhhhh...

Today i can enjoy n watch vcds like every other thursday night. Will probably watch either Brokeback Mountain or Final Destination 3.

Yesterday me and Suli wanted to get that pair of Birkenstocks we saw last week. Tapi kedai nyer takderrrrrr....after one week of waiting and longing. Haiz...guess i'll have to wait and long some more.

This weekend im so smothered in work that i wont be coming back home. Thought of going back this week but there's an assignment due tuesday. If i go back i'll be sure that i wont be at home studying. Mesti mau merayap.

Craving: Kachang Phool. Sluurrrp. And my fave laksa. And murtabak. And my mom's macaroni soup. Do you suppose it has got anything to do with the fact that im fasting today? Guess so.

Nak balik next week but i've promised my grandparents that i'll probably pay them a visit. It will be nice to be back. At least there's family. I miss little Ika and Comel. I'm going to smother Ika with hugs i tell you. Been reminiscing about her silly little antics. head is pounding!

Less than 2 hours before i break my fast.

Need some TLC badly.

By the way, my Zen Neeon has gone completely bonkers on me. It refuses to charge when i plug it in and when i try to play it, only the CREATIVE logo is displayed on the screen.

Feds Up betul. No more in the mornings to keep me company and my fave Pump It by BEP.

I hope it isn't permanently spoilt.

I'll need to get it fixed pronto!

I can hear my assignments calling out to me.

Adios then for now.