Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Feeling *Blah*

Rasa macam nak baling je badan ku dari tingkap.

Kerja semakin bertimbun.

Tgh pikirkan cam maner lah nak study utk mid-terms + complete term paper + my involvement with the Singapore Seminar.

Macam nak nangis tapi air mata nyer tak nak kluar.

Its like this very terrible sense of dread which keeps building up in me.

Was supposed to have at least one paper this week but apparently my lecturer has gone M.I.A since last week.

I was looking forward to take some tests this week so that i can enjoy the BSB concert in peace.

Wishful thinking.


Biler nak gi class, lecturer tak dtg ataupun dier dah bagi assignments so we are left to do the work by ourselves.

And he's a great lecturer and i have never minded going to his 8am class. He's the best lah! Suka nah gi class dier. Dier sanggup main charades lagik just to clue us in to what he's saying. Add that to his already booming voice and you've got a ball of a class. Sanggup aku sacrifice tak nak balik on thursday just for him.

Br. Mazlan you da bomb lah!

Dah lah...bagi pulak Suli chance pakai pc. *PC kat library byk tgh servicing!* bodoh kan! haprak nyer library staff. urrgghhh!!