Sunday, June 11, 2006


Expect eyebags of a different kind. Not the kind that stays up to study (especially with exams next wed & thurs respectively) but the eyebags that spell football fever.

I have shacked up with the peeps from the neighbouring hostel (aka Asma' & Gang or otherwise known as the TF Clan) to watch soccer. As of yesterday i have become the absolute football fanatic...cheering on teams where i barely knew the players. Kinda like an entree to the Italy matches.

Yesterday's match was great...but not as great as the match that just concluded (Sweden vs Trinidad & Tobago). That match was a heartstopper! It was worth all the sleeping time that i've sacrificed. T&T put up the most amazing display of skill that really won my attention. Not to mention you had a really great goalkeeper. That Hislop was just amazing. He seemed really calm under all that pressure that came from an attacking Swedish team that was hungry for goals the minute the whistle blew.

Another reason to watch the match was that we (Singaporean) got to watch our very own Shamsul Maidin as refree for the match! I couldn't have been any prouder. :D

Tomorrow i have to go back to my room, do some actual and serious studying. No more playing!

And to my dear Suhaili Bte Saad, thank you for letting me sleep in your bed this past 2 days! I have enjoyed your company tremendously! Love you so much! *Nanti balik bilik aku buatkan maggi tomyam PAMA eh?*

To the love, I don't know whether you will read this or not but I LOVE YOU & I MISS YOU SO MUCH!

I am now in the CyberCafe waiting for the next match to begin at 3am (Argentina vs Cote d' Ivoire) Its very tiring you know to wait and watch for the next match. And im hungry. I didnt exactly eat a proper dinner. Canteen closed early thanks to the early fans of Akademi Fantasia wanting to eat dinner while watching that variety show. Now the stomach is grumbling. Errgghhh!

Nora, you must be enjoying yourself at your workplace sambil tgk bola kan? Miss you so much lah. Biler nak datang singapore niiiii!!!!!!

To all my other soccer kaki's: Qhuzaimah, Aisyah Spec, Seri, Qadar, Ilham, Shasha....thanks for making me feel at home yeah! Love you guys!

I'm out.