Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Football Frenzy

After the england match the other night, i stayed on to watch the following 2 matches. I even tried posting an entry that night, but the pc was feeling a tad grumpy, so my entry never got published.

Anyway it was nice to see the s'porean referee take the field. Something to calm my nerves before coming back to singapore.

I so totally loved watching the italian match!

totti my italian hunny was there! he still looks so absolutely GORGEOUS!

i could say the same for cannavaro. glad to see that he's holding the captaincy now that maldini is gone.

did u see their goals!!!!????

so far, italy has had the most convincing win. *im so happy!!!*

and i dun understand why anyone would wanna support england. wat a waste of airtime watching them play. so much theatrics. i kinda got bored by the end of the first half!

im glad brazil only won by a pathetic one goal -smirks-

lets pray we see a different team carrying the wc trophy aye?

*and pls let it not be s.korea* - im still holding that grudge from the last wc-

btw, i need to study for my paper tomorrow!!!!