Thursday, June 08, 2006

Night Class

Okay, i confess. I am so bored in class right now that i am FORCED to blog.

Okay. Lame excuse i know. But i really can't help it. I'm done with all my presentations and tests and all that stuff.

Right now im in my E. Lit 3 class listening to another person drone on and on about colonialism and post-colonialism.

Haiz...i so miss HOME right now. I would give my right arm to just have a night out at Syed Restaurant right in front of my block to enjoy the tasty prata and the teh tarik. Not to mention the great ambiance and great service. Yes. I am a "kedai kopi" type of girl. My M'sian room mates can't fathom how i enjoy hanging out at Haji Tapah (mamak stall)

I need so much to be home. I can't believe that i've actually been here for about 3 weeks! In the short sem! I'm amazed myself!

Finals are next week!!!

I can't believe that finals here again.

And i haven't started revising.

And i still have the heart to go and watch soccer this weekend...and why shouldnt i? It only comes once every 4 years! World Cup baby!

Forza Italia!

I unfortunately didn't get to watch the extra scenes after the credits rolled after X-Men III...this means i'll have to catch it the MOVIES!

The grandparents are back from their turkish holiday. I am awaiting my turkish delight...i hope there are some other goodies as well *crosses fingers*

I am hungry right now.

Even after that yummy plate of kuay teow pattaya. Sooooooo seeedddaaaapppp!

And i am hungry for something...and i don't know what it is...burger maybe?

Its this damn boring class that's making me hungry...

Ciao for now.