Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Virginal Experience...

My dears, do not think prurient thoughts. Its just reflective of my first-ever visit to Berjaya Times Square (after studying in KL for 3 yrs). And i thought Mid-Valley Megamall was huge! Gosh...there were endless floors of shopping. But unfortunately they didnt really do it for me. There wasn't much variety and come to think of it, me and the love only hit like 7 floors.

Yes, the love was here in KL over the weekend to see how i was doing. Rather, i felt that he needed to just see me in the flesh.The past two weeks were kinda rough on the both of us, seeing that it was our first 2 weeks apart.

Another 2 weeks and he'll be here again to get me and then we'll be back in good 'ol Singapore for a 3 week break. Bless him.

So what did i do over the weekend? Besides NOT touching my books, i headed to the cinemas twice over the weekend to watch Tipah Tertipu (Saturday) and X-Men III (Sunday; courtesy of the Love's sis).

I think it was a good break for me in particular, after having to deal with the incompetent staff of the Finance Department here on campus. Can you imagine having to go to that office for five days in a row just to get my account balance, and till today they havent got it done yet. Aaaaarrrrggggggghhhhh!

And i get the brunt of having to deal with my mom! Eeeeerrrrrggghhhhh. Its enough to make me blast the office. Just now as it is, i was already raising my voice at the -incompetent- lady, who, mind you had no sense of urgency watsoever. I left by kicking the door.I love getting attention dontcha know? aaaaaaaaarrrrggggghhhhh!

Besides the stupid pple i've had to deal with, mid terms weren't exactly great. Lecturers are a killer this sem. Both me and Kho are in a rut. We'll just have to buck up for the finals then.

One more presentation and then we'll all be set for finals.

Two papers. 3 weeks of bliss back home.