Friday, June 23, 2006

Gimme, gimme...

Its almost a week since i've gotten home. Almost is the key word.

I'm enjoying the holidays. Lots of time spent with the love so far. Still can't meet up with the girls cos 2 of them are busily prepping for sch which is due to re-open next week.

I've been accompanying him on his lunch breaks and we meet again for dinner. Since tuesday.

Sometimes its a bit stifling. But i guess different pple have different ways to show how much they care for you.

Now that im back home, i can actually watch ALL the matches of the world cup but alas, it is SOOOOOO BOOOOORRRRIIINNNNGGGG without the girls. No more taking down the names of all the cute players and having late night munchies with 15mins during half-time to revise for Finals.

I miss you girls lah! It will be one of those moments that i will cherish forever! But at least i'll know that i still have a year to make more memories! InsyaAllah. We should all get together to watch one of the matches together. Time permitting of course.

Hope to see you girls again soon!!!! Miss ya!

By the way, the Azzurri won 2-0 against the Czech Rep. which means that they'll be going on to the second round! Hurrah!