Monday, June 26, 2006


Okay, so it isn't a zoo-athon but considering i went about like once every year since 2004, i think it warrants as something.

I was there only about a couple of months back and yesterday when i was there, a lot had changed. There were spanking brand new exhibits!

I had been dying to see the new giraffes on display. I remember seeing them last, many, many yonks ago. So i was pretty happy that i was there to see them again. They're now housed in the 'wild africa' section of the zoo next to the ibexes.

There were new enclosures for the sea otter and binturong. *the sea otters actually posed for photographs. They were extremely obliging!*

Tapirs and babirusa were also on display in their own spot. The jaguars were happily frolicking in the water and Inuka the polar bear was doing her morning laps in the big, cold bath tub of hers.

I finally got to see an elephant show, with big matron Kumali, the matriarch of the elephant family at the mandai zoo, as star of the show. Her pink pigmentation makes her look all the more adorable.

Many of the big cats were all in lazy mode, except for the jaguars. The rest were having a mid-morning siesta aka NAP! Lazy bums. I guess they've been working way too hard at the Night Safari.

Omar the White Tiger was not looking very happy as he paced back and forth over his 2 other sleeping female companions in the late afternoon.

While the animals lunched, we had OURs at KFC in KidsWorld. My brother had his fill and quickly bounced out of sight as he delightfully climbed, slid and jumped all over the playground, leaving me and the love scarfing down the crispy chicken. Walking around the zoo is really tiring you know?

We bounced back with renewed energy (except the fact that the boyfriend was feeling under the weather and was sneezing away) and headed over to Animal World. We touched some Asses and i mean donkeys here. I think they have a new addition to the ass family meaning that the asses are widening! Ho ho ho

And the love makes very good imitations of a horse neighing. My brother tried copying it and it sounded more like 'kuda semput'.

We saw some black n white spotted cows (not like the ones me n my family are used to seeing back at the kampung, all brown and skinny) which were HUGE. I think they look like huge refrigerators.

I forgot to mention that there's also a new orchid garden with so many pretty, big, blooming, purple and pink orchids! I couldnt resist and stopped to take a photograph. The photographing sessions somewhat released the little photographer in my youngest brother and he took many beautiful shots of me n the love.

He continued snapping away till we got to the hamadyras babboons. My all time favourite animal enclosure. I think we sat there for a good 20 mins. I felt like i was watching a soap opera with many different stories on show.

We walked back all the way to the entrance and took a tram ride and the little one had his eyes all droopy. Lets just say he had a lot of fun and was wiped out.

Me, i was drained! But i came home, freshened up and left home again, this time to sentosa. Just to take a drive around the island (and accompany the bf for an interview at the transportation office)

No pics though. Nothing much to see since many places had barriers erected. So we went for dinner at Adam Rd. Yummy nasi lemak and ice kachang graced our hungry tummies.

Sunday well spent i say. Wish i could have gone with my family. I haven't exactly been spending time with the family since dad's working on shift and doesn't coincide with my mom's 5-day work week. So yeah, bummer. And right now, since school's started, i'm all alone at home now. Double bummer.

Pics soon to be posted up once i've transferred them.